Reports: While there is ‘heavy interest’ in John Collins trade, a deal ‘unlikely’

It’s obvious why there would teams interested in a trade for John Collins: He’s averaging 18 points and 7.6 rebounds a game, is incredibly athletic, and is just 23. Assuming Kyle Lowry is not being traded out of Toronto, Collins is the biggest name — and would bring the biggest haul — of any player […]


Cholesterol accumulation contributes to genetic movement disorder

A research team at the Greenwood Genetic Center (GGC) has identified the mechanism that causes movement disorders in patients with mutations in the NUS1 gene. Using both cellular and model organism studies, cholesterol accumulation was found to contribute to the symptoms of seizures, ataxia, and movement abnormalities. This breakthrough study on NUS1, a gene that […]


Huawei announces royalty rates for 5G phone technology

Huawei Technologies announced royalty rates for the use of its 5G phone technology for the first time, in a move its chief legal officer said was an effort to increase transparency at an event on Tuesday. The company was put on an export blacklist by former U.S. President Donald Trump in 2019 and barred from […]


Planet Zoo welcoming sun bears, binturongs, babirusas and more in new Southeast Asia DLC

Launching at the end of March. Planet Zoo’s menagerie is expanding again on 30th March with the arrival of its fifth content expansion, the Southeast Asia Animal Pack. This latest paid DLC expansion, which follows on from Planet Zoo’s Arctic Pack, South America Pack, Australia Pack, and Aquatic Pack, introduces a total of eight new […]


Gordon Ramsay teases fans he’s ‘turning vegan’ with aubergine steak recipe

Gordon Ramsay has stunned fans after he confessed he is “turning vegan” – but all was not as it seemed. The 54-year-old celebrity chef, who is famous for both his love of meat and his blasé attitude, shared how he makes a vegan steak on TikTok in light of the announcement. In a video that […]


Erik Spoelstra on rise in violence against Asian Americans: ‘It is despicable’

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is Asian American, his mother is from the Philippines. He has seen the sharp increase nationwide in anti-Asian attacks during the past year. Friday night, before the Heat took on the Pacers, Spoelstra spoke out about it. “Look, I am Asian American. I’m proud to be Asian American,” Spoelstra said, […]


Fourth generation of e-cigarettes is not harmless

A University of California, Riverside, study analyzing fourth-generation electronic cigarette, or EC, pod atomizer design features has found the pod atomizers are similar to those of previous generations and contain elements that may adversely affect health and accumulate in the environment. EC atomizers are chambers that hold nicotine-containing fluid and upon heating generate an aerosol. […]


Nokia to cut up to 10,000 jobs over next two years

Nokia on Tuesday announced plans to cut up to 10,000 jobs within two years to trim costs and invest more in research capabilities, as the Finnish telecoms group seeks to step up its challenge to Sweden’s Ericsson and China’s Huawei. After taking over the top job last year, Chief Executive Pekka Lundmark has been making […]


LittleBigPlanet servers offline as fans report DDOS attack

PlayStation has thanked LittleBigPlanet fans for their patience as it works to bring the franchise’s servers back online. “We are aware of server issues with LittleBigPlanet and are working to get the issue fixed and the servers back online,” a PlayStation spokesperson told Eurogamer today. “We will keep you updated on progress and appreciate the […]