Mum shows how much sugar is in a Cadbury Creme Egg as a warning to parents

The countdown to Easter is on and it’s not long until we can tuck into the bargain chocolate that will soon be on offer for weeks afterwards. It’s about the time of year that Cadbury Creme Eggs are placed invitingly at every checkout as we happily fall victim to temptation every time we do a […]


Ultra-processed foods are breaking your heart

Ultra-processed foods account for 58% of total energy in the average U.S. diet, but diet is a modifiable risk factor in the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD). A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that higher consumption of ultra-processed foods is associated with an increased risk of CVD incidence […]


Nasdaq to host stock trading venue for PureStream Trading Technologies

Nasdaq Inc said on Tuesday it will host a new private stock trading venue for PureStream Trading Technologies Inc, a startup that aims to help big institutional investors get their orders done faster, without impacting the market. The new trading platform is expected to go live by the end of June, pending regulatory approval, and […]


I’m in awe of this Skyrim trick shot compilation

It’s hard to believe that later this year we’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a number that’s making me feel rather old. But it seems some players have put those years to good use by religiously practicing the game’s archery, resulting in combinations so ridiculous they’ve left me scratching […]


Cleaning expert says you should never make your bed as soon as you wake up

Making your bed is a task that many of us complete when we wake up to set ourselves up for a productive day. But it turns out, this could be bad for your health. Experts as MattressNextDay have debunked nine of the most common mattress and bedding cleaning myths, including why you shouldn’t make your […]


Brad Stevens — again — shoots down idea he will leave Celtics for Indiana

Brad Stevens is not going to be the next coach of the Indiana Hoosiers. Don’t take my word for it, ask Brad Stevens. He shot the idea down before politely, but he was far more clear — and funny — when asked about it again on Friday. From NBC Sports Boston: “I’m not a kid […]


Cancer screenings rebounded quickly after drop at start of pandemic

Screenings for breast cancer and colon cancer dropped dramatically during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, but use of the procedures returned to near-normal levels by the end of July 2020, according to a new study. Analyzing insurance claims from more than 6 million Americans with private health coverage, researchers found that mammography rates […]


Volkswagen CEO: 100,000 cars lost due to chip shortage

Volkswagen was unable to build 100,000 cars due to an ongoing chip shortage that has hit the automotive sector this year, Chief Executive Herbert Diess said, adding the group would not be able to make up for the shortfall in 2021. Diess, speaking at Volkswagen’s annual press conference, said that the carmaker would secure future […]


EA accidentally makes FIFA Ultimate Team debug menu available to all on the FUT web app

EA accidentally made the FIFA Ultimate Team debug menu available to all on the FUT web app yesterday and in the process let players see their account settings in a way never publicly available before. Though the tools were visible, players couldn’t use them to add content or make permanent changes to their own or […]